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Who Are the Marauders?


The Tennessee Mountain Marauders are cowboy action shooters in East Tennessee. We shoot once a month and have a wonderful time playing the cowboy way of life for an afternoon.

Come to the Range and join the fun.

Top Cowboy

August 2014

Barkeep Casey


Scored posted Aug 2014


Clean Shooters


 August 2014

Bad Eye Tom

Barkeep Casey

Delta Desperado

Happy Pappy

Jackson Longstrret

Rev Adam Jones

Tin Pot

Wikdcat Wilkey

Under Taker

Cherokee Slim



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Tennessee Mountain Marauders

sasshootinWe are a SASS affiliated club. We shoot at Mystery Dog Ranch the 3rd Saturday of every month. Mystery Dog Ranch is located just South of East Ridge Tn (follow the map link for directions).

Match Registration starts at 8 am along with a Buffalo Shoot,

Safety Meeting at 9:30am You must attend the safety meeting to shoot. Match starts after the safety meeting.

New Shooters and visitors are always welcome!



Tabasco Jot and Grandson SA Jr

Cowboy Action Shooting is about getting the younger generation involed. The Tennessee Mountain Marauders welcome SA Jr.

SA Jr and Jot 2

2013 Marauders Officers

100 2024

Print Your Own Certificate

boot hat

To print your own monthly certificate. Click the month you would like your certificate for.then page thru until you find the one you want. Then click on that page to select it. Once there in your PDF program choose print current page.


Early Start at MDR for 7/19/2014 and 8/16/2014

The Tenn Mtn Marauders matches for July(7/19/2014) and August(8/16/2014) will be starting ONE HOUR EARLY.  We want to get started early and finish up just a bit earlier to escape some of the heat and humidity. For those that drive a distance, we still look forward to you coming to shoot with us.  We’ll have our pledge, prayer and safety briefing at 8:30 AM  with the first shots going down range right after that.  We ask that you sign in as soon as you get there.

The long range will start at 7:30 AM and should be done by 8:30 AM.

We hope that this helps everyone deal with the heat during these summer months.

Yankee Dutchman

We are SASS Affiliated

SASS has information for everyone please check out the links below.

SASS Handbooks
SASS membership

Support the NRA


Home of the Marauders

Click to see what MDR has to offerMystery Dog Ranch is the home Range for the Marauders. They offer many services and events for the horse enthusiast.

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